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Unrig the System Summit

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Category: Community Events

Start: Feb 02, 2018 12:00 AM

End: Feb 05, 2018 12:00 AM

Tulane University’s Lavin-Bernick Center

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The event is from Friday, February 2nd through Sunday, February 4th at Tulane University’s Lavin-Bernick Center. It will be the largest gathering of political reform groups in 20 years and will bring together people from both sides of aisle, including politicians, political thinkers, entertainers and grassroots activists, to discuss how we can fix corruption in politics. The summit will include workshops, presentations, and face-to-face talks with some of the brightest minds in organizing, policy, journalism, and entertainment. Confirmed participants include: Jennifer Lawrence, Actor/Activist; Richard Painter, former White House Ethics Counsel for George W. Bush; Steve Hilton, FOX News Host; Anita Earls, Executive Director, Southern Coalition f or Social Justice; Buddy Roemer, Former Republican Louisiana Governor and Presidential Candidate; Nina Turner, President of Our Revolution, and so many more. Represent.Us is the nation’s largest grassroots organization that brings together conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between to pass powerful anti-corruption laws on a local, state and national level that stop political bribery, end secret money, and fix our broken elections. Represent.Us members bring powerful anti- corruption reforms to the ballot, where the people can vote for them directly. To date, the work Represent.Us has taken on has led to wins in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon, South Dakota, California, Florida, and is quickly making its way across the country. 
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