July 1, 2009 | Mardi Gras

There’s a lot of rich tradition, history, and religious significance surrounding the customs of Mardi Gras. There’s also a lot of fun. While there’s really no way to experience the parades, the festivities, and the cooler weather during this part of the year, we at least have one small way to experience Mardi Gras and that’s king cake.

Yes, the King Cake (one of the most prominent Mardi Gras traditions) is something you can always have if you’re a big Mardi Gras fan like I am. King Cake and cafe au lait in the morning are great, and one of the things I love during Mardi Gras season. But when it’s the middle of the year, I can’t go to my local bakery and pick up a king cake.

So there are two options: bake one myself or order one. There are lots of recipes available online if you do a simple search for “king cake recipe” or “make king cake”. I’ve seen “traditional” recipes which are great but if you look there are some bread-machine recipes as well.

To get one with little effort, you can always just order one. It’s the easiest way to get a King Cake any time of year, and you know it’ll be delicious. I recommend Cannata’s King Cakes – a many locals swear by Cannata’s as being the superior product, and they ship year-round.

Once you get your King Cake in hand, you need something good to drink. You can’t go wrong with cafe au lait – brew some Community coffee and you’re set.