June 11 2006 | New Orleans

My wife loves to play video poker and those new video slot machines (or any slot machine for that matter). I'm not crazy about feeding those things but I agreed to go to Harrah's last night with her just to have something to do on a Saturday night. Well...it was packed...not only with people...but with so much activity...even a non-gamer like me actually had a really good time.

As she found her favorite machine, I headed to where I could hear a jazz band playing...the kind of sound that comes with a real traditional second line parade. Sure enough, here comes the brass band parading along the main interior walkways luring lots of people to join the fun. Then I heard a different sound coming from the center of the casino in the new Masquerade club and saw about six beautiful female dancers strutting their stuff in a well orchestrated dance routine high above the bar.

As I passed the busy buffet (11 pm and it was packed), I noticed that some event must have taken place in the theatre earlier.

Then I saw the sign ...