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Rental Car Tips

New Orleans is a great city of explore in a car!

If you're going to rent an automobile while you're staying in New Orleans here are some general tips to guide you before you reserve your rental car.

  • Inquire about 24-hour roadside assistance. Many car rental agencies offer this as an add-on.
  • Ask about pick-up service. Some car rental companies will pick you up from the New Orleans airport (or other location) and take you to the car.
  • Although most rental companies offer to sell you insurance, your own personal car insurance may cover a rental car. Ask your auto insurance agent before renting a car and paying for additional insurance.
  • You must be 25 years or older to rent a car at most rental agencies.
  • Many rental office charge additional fees for two drivers. So, if it's not necessary to have more than one person drive, you can save some money.
  • Have an idea (ahead of time) of the number of miles you'll be driving. You may save money by choosing capped miles instead of unlimited miles.
  • Some of the more exclusive credit cards such as MasterCard Gold may be a source for excess or secondary insurance for a car rental, but only if you use the same credit card to rent the vehicle. This may be useful in cases such as when you are traveling overseas - where your personal insurance will not apply. Call your credit card company to find out their policies for car rentals.
  • Be aware of the method most rental car companies utilize for daily rates when determining your final bill. For example on a one day rental, returning your car more than 24 hours after your pickup time may result in you being charged an additional day. Most rental car companies use only a 1-2 hr grace period before you are charged an entire additional day when returning a car later than what your rental contract states - so check ahead of time.
  • If renting a luxury vehicle or SUV, your credit card may not provide collision coverage. Check directly with your credit card company (ahead of time) regarding which types of rental vehicles they will cover.
  • Most major rental car companies offer child safety and infant seats for rent. Please be sure you reserve these ahead of time!