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New Orleans Weather

You're going to need two umbrellas - one for second lining and one for rain.

New Orleans is a city of surprises. A brass band can come around the corner at any time. With no warning at all, a chef can blow you away with a taste of something so delicious you can’t believe it exists. Anything can happen at any time in New Orleans. Unfortunately, that can apply to weather as well. 

We have a saying in this city: “We don’t always have four seasons, but when we do they are all in week.” The best thing to do is be prepared. Pack a rain poncho, a pair of weather-proof shoes, a sweater in case it gets cool or you’re sensitive to air-conditioning and you’ll be fine. If you come in January or February, you might need a coat but bring anything stuffed with down and you’ll be laughed out of the airport.

Winter can be absolutely balmy here, but sometimes we’ll experience a bone-chilling snap of “wet cold.” Spring is lovely but you’re going to need an umbrella. Fall is shirt-sleeve weather. And summer. Pack the flip-flops and sleeveless tops and keep a frozen daiquiri close by.

Beware when driving in heavy rain in New Orleans. Automatic pumps prevent most street flooding and help the roadways clear quickly, but don’t venture into high water or you’ll have some explaining to do when you turn in your rental car. Worried about the tropics? The good thing about tropical storms and hurricanes is that there is plenty of warning before the storms make landfall. If the powers that be are saying evacuate, listen!

New Orleans Weather By Month:

Month Ave. High Ave. Low Ave. Precip.
January 62° F 43° F 4.7 in.
February 65° F 46° F 5.6 in.
March 71° F 52° F 5.2 in.
April 78° F 59° F 4.7 in.
May 85° F 66° F 4.4 in.
June 89° F 71° F 5.4 in.
July 91° F 73° F 6.4 in.
August 90° F 73° F 5.9 in.
September 87° F 70° F 5.5 in.
October 80° F 59° F 2.8 in.
November 71° F 51° F 4.4 in.
December 64° F 45° F 5.5 in.