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Ride Sharing in New Orleans: Uber & Lyft

uberWhen you’re planning a visit to New Orleans, one thing you need to know is that it’s quite a big and sometimes complicated city, even with all its Southern charm and beauty.  No, it’s not like New York (thankfully!), but if you’re not familiar with the New Orleans streets and most popular areas, it can be a little frustrating getting around.

Unless, that is, you rely on experienced, affordable drivers to get you from Point A to Point B and to and from all other points. In New Orleans, this means Uber and Lyft. (Or public transportation, if that’s more your style.)

Uber Service is Uber Convenient

Uber is a taxi-alternative, a system that uses local drivers in their own vehicles to quickly get you where you need to go. Uber is worldwide, with a solid presence in and around New Orleans.

It’s a unique business model. No cash is exchanged with your driver, rather you pay through a credit card or debit card.  Arranging your rides is all done through the Uber website or a mobile app. Uber provides vehicles suitable for single individuals, small parties and large groups. UberX is their lowest cost ride:

  • Base fare: $1.25
  • Per minute: $0.18
  • Per mile: $0.90
  • Booking fee: $1.45
  • Minimum fare: $5.45

Get all the details on the Uber New Orleans website.

Need a Lift?  Hook Up with Lyft.

Like Uber, Lyft uses local drivers who know New Orleans backwards and forwards. Payment is also cashless and remotely booked, and there are different types of vehicles available, depending on the number of people in your party.

Here are the costs for basic Lyft service:

  • Base charge: $1.20
  • Cost minimum: $4.00
  • Cost per mile: $0.91
  • Cost per minute: $0.18
  • Trust and service fee: $1.55

Learn more on the Lyft New Orleans website.

As you can see, both transportation providers are fairly competitive with one another. And so they should be: Uber and Lyft have become hugely popular for New Orleans visitors, tourists and residents who want a great time and a great deal.

Airport & Popular Venues

Uber and Lyft are ready to get you to and from New Orleans International Airport, in and around the French Quarter and MidCity and wherever else you need to go. If you have a small child, ask for a driver with a carseat.

Tourists and visitors, especially, appreciate the laid-back experience and friendly drivers who don’t “milk the meter,” as some taxi services have been accused of doing. The city has imposed flat rates to and from the airport starting at $31.05. Be on the lookout for surge pricing during major events of off peak hours when car competition is high as rates for your ride will fluctuate too.

If you’ve got a trip to New Orleans on your schedule and you aren’t interested in the expense and hassle of renting a car or using a traditional taxi service, you should consider Uber and Lyft.  The simplicity and convenience is amazing, and with such knowledgeable drivers, you’re sure to learn some amazing things about this amazing city.  Happy traveling!