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Ghosts Tours

Getting to Know the “Haunted” History of New Orleans

Everybody knows New Orleans has nearly everything a local or tourist could possibly want.  About the only thing you’re unlikely to find here is a real, live ghost.  But that doesn’t mean people don’t come here looking for spirits and ghouls of all varieties.  Check out some of these cool opportunities to learn about the legends and folklore that has helped make New Orleans famous.

Ghosts & Spirits Walking Tour

Find out why New Orleans is known as the “most-haunted city in America” on this thrilling tour through the French Quarter.  Learn more about the area’s history and traditions.

Highlights include checking out voodoo ceremonial relics, a kit designed for the slaying of vampires and many of the unique tools and implements used by some of the more eccentric inhabitants of New Orleans past.  Go to GrayLineNewOrleans.com for more details on tours.

French Quarter Kids Spooky Tour

If there’s anything kids like, it’s being scared – but in a fun way.  That’s what the Spooky Tour from French Quarter Kids is all about.  Their goal is to unveil New Orleans to the younger set in a way that’s both educational and enjoyable, and just frightening enough to be fun.

The tour welcomes young people into a world of hushed whispers, haunting voices, footsteps that echo in the dark and creatures that inhabit the swamps and streets of New Orleans.  It’s a haunted hoot, no doubt, and perfect for kids of all ages.  In fact, your hosts adjust their tours based on the ages within a group so as not to overdo it.  Or underdo it.  Get to know more about French Quartour Kids and the popular Spooky Tour at their website.

New Orleans Ghost Adventure Tour

Follow in the footsteps of the ghost hunters on the New Orleans version of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.  You’ll investigate “haunted” locations including houses and the St. Louis and Lafayette cemeteries.  Hear stories of unspeakable acts done in the French Quarter over the last three centuries.

Learn about voodoo, a magical practice centered on African beliefs and rites, as you make your way through St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.  Here lies forever the world-famous voodoo queen, Marie Laveau.

Lafayette Cemetery is in the Garden District, which is replete with 19th century Southern mansions.  A two-hour tour brings you in touch with these grandiose homes and their gardens as well as the cemetery, with its above-ground tombs and built-in chills.  Get more info at NewOrleansGhostAdventuresTour.com.

This ought to get you started exploring the “haunted” history of New Orleans. We hope you have an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

Ghosts Tours Near New Orleans

  • Ghosts & SPirits Walking Tour by Gray Line

    Ghosts & Spirits Walking Tour by Gray Line

    A nighttime walking tour of the French Quarter in New Orleans which has been referred to as “The most haunted city in America.” After this tour, we’ll let you be the judge!
  • Spooky Tour by French Quartour

    Kids Spooky Tour by French Quartour Kids

    If there’s anything kids like, it’s being scared – but in a fun way.  That’s what the Spooky Tour from French Quartour Kids is all about.  
  • Ghost Adventures Haunted Houses Tour

    Ghost Adventures Haunted Houses Tour

    Welcome to New Orleans, America’s most haunted city! Guests on this tour will have the rare opportunity to enter haunted locations investigated by real ghost hunters as seen on the New Orleans edition of the Travel Channel's hit show Ghost Adventures.