July 18, 2019 | New Orleans

I Escaped - A New Orleans Puzzle Experience

On Your Mark, Get Set, Geaux!

We can’t think of a better way to escape the New Orleans heat this summer than 60 minutes at the Escape Game – now open in the French Quarter at 233 N. Peters. Here’s your chance to find out why the Escape Game was #1 on TripAdvisor’s list of Top Escape Rooms in the U.S. and why over 25,000 people have rated the experience five stars!

Interesting Puzzles at the Escape Game in New Orleans

Families, couples, friends and colleagues looking to team build will have a blast at these immersive adventures. The Escape Game is a great idea for bachelor or bachelorette parties, too. Keep your frozen daiquiri drinking to a minimum before you go in though – you’re going to need a functioning brain to get out of there!

Challenging Puzzles at Escape Game New Orleans

In New Orleans, there are four games to choose from: The Heist, Prison Break, Special Ops: Mysterious Market, and Playground. We did Playground and, we have to say, school was never so much fun! Up to 12 people can play the game at one time but we had just five and it worked just fine.

The story is simple: A guy who calls himself “Coach” comes onto a screen in the colorful school room and announces that today is the last day of the school year ­–  time for the Summer Kickoff Kickball Tournament! You’re playing against those show-off 5th graders, but, before you can get out on the field, you have to pass all your classes and light up your report card. The game starts in an hour and if you don’t make it in time, the 5th graders can hang it over your heads for the rest of your lives.

Putting adventures at the Escape Game

For most of us, this was our first escape room and, while it was challenging, it was totally fun. You could really tell who among us were the followers and who were the leaders. We probably needed more clues than expert escape gamers would find acceptable, but we got out of there in time and had a great time doing it! Book your experience now.


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