August 16, 2013 | New Orleans

Mint JulepNew Orleans has a long standing relationship with its rum. The history dates back to when the French still controlled the region and while they were looking to turn a profit on their investment they discovered that sugarcane distilled into rum could be quite profitable.

The relationship continued as New Orleans celebrated its boom times and struggled through its darker days. To celebrate National Rum Day (Aug. 16) and our connection with this vital form of liquor, here’s four very New Orleans rum based drinks.

Pirate’s Punch – Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

It’s not hard to sit in a table in the side corner of Lafitte’s and imagine two hundred years ago the pirate enjoying a rum drink like Pirate’s Punch, although I always pictured him as the kind of guy who would drink rum straight with no ice.

·         Ice

·         1 1/2 oz dark rum

·         ¾ oz light rum

·         ½ oz 151-proof rum

·         1/ ½ oz pineapple juice

·         ½ oz orange juice

·         ¼ oz lime juice1/4 oz grenadine

·         Orange slice

·         Maraschino cherry

Pour all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker except the orange and cherry. Shake until mixed and chilled. Pour into a tall, glass with ice. Garnish with the orange slice and cherry.

Mint Julep a la Creole

As a longtime fan of writer Hunter Thompson, I know a thing or two about Mint Juleps, however you don’t really know anything about this drink until you’ve had one in New Orleans.

This recipe comes via Marvin Allen, a veteran bartender at Hotel Monteleone’s Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge.

·         Crushed ice

·         1 ½ oz rum

·         6-8 fresh mint leaves

·         2 ripe strawberries

·         1 to 2 cane sugar cubes depending on the sweetness of the strawberries

·         Sprig of mint

Muddle the mint leaves, one strawberry and sugar cubes in the bottom of a julep glass with enough water to melt the sugar. Fill the cup with crushed ice and pour in rum.  Garnish with the mint sprig and the other strawberry.

Hurricane  – Pat O’Briens

The original Pat O’Brien’s hurricane recipe is a secret; you’ll need their mix to get it exactly the way they make it.  Or you can try this recipe.

·         Crushed Ice

·         4 oz dark rum

·         4 oz passion fruit juice

·         1 oz orange juice

·         Juice from half a lime

·         1 tbsp simple syrup

·         1 tbsp grenadine

·         Orange slice

·         Masrashino cherry

Squeeze lime juice into cocktail shaker with ice. Pour the rest of the ingredients in and shake well. Strain into a hurricane glass, then garnish with cherry and orange slice.

Frozen Daiquiris

Of course, we can’t forget the frozen daiquiris, a New Orleans staple that’s served at festivals throughout the warm month and now even has its only festival. Not all frozen daiquiris are rum based, but quite a few still are.

·         2 oz light rum

·         1 1/2 oz fresh lime juice

·         3/4 oz simple syrup

·         Lime wedge for garnish


Blend the light rum, lime juice, and syrup with approximately 2 cups of ice. Pour into a chilled collins glass. Garnish with the lime wedge. Or you can head to the neighborhood daiquiri shop if you’re craving one and don’t feel like making it yourself.

For more New Orleans grab a copy of Phillip Collier's Making New Orleans Cocktails & Legends.