January 14, 2007 | New Orleans

The New Orleans Saints' win over the Philadelphia Eagles last night in the Superdome has Saints fans all over the country celebrating. For those of us who live in the New Orleans metro area and have been waiting for 40 years to see our beloved team win a playoff game, we are elated beyond words.

Our city received a major blow 17 months ago and many neighborhoods are still struggling to rebuild. But through this very difficult time, the Saints with its new coach, new quarterback and new winning attitude has infected the whole city with renewed strength and hope.

We are only one game away from going to the Superbowl! This is going to be another great week of excitement and anticipation for the NFC Championship Game against the Chicago Bears.

On Thursday's Eyewitness Morning News Channel 4 WWL-TV, co-anchor Eric Paulsen read a poem by Kenner resident–and Saints fan–Don LeCocq. We wanted to share his thoughts with all of you. GO SAINTS!

“Our Saints, Our City, Our Soul”

Out of the fire
And up from the flood
A great team is born
Made of guts, steel and blood
Their history a low one
No one can deny
Their new rise a slow one
But oh now so high
This team that I speak of
Is of black and gold
And travels the gridiron
So brave and so bold
Their symbol is royalty
We call Fleur de lis
And proud New Orleanians
Watch it with glee
Come Deuce and come Reggie
Come Drew and come Joe
Come Marques and Terrance
Now go beat the foe
The course is set plainly
There is clearly a goal
Go show all the world
A storm can't kill our soul
To the men in black jerseys
The tights and the cleats
Know that we love you
In wins and defeats
And to you, Sean Payton
The coach of our dreams
Thank you from all of us
Who give jumps, yells and screams
You have given us purpose
You have given us hope
You have given us will
And a reason to cope
To all of the Saints
Who reside in the Dome
Thanks for making our city
A proud place to call home