September 15, 2021 | New Orleans

It’s Time to Visit New Orleans Again!

Hurricane Ida was no Katrina. The fact that our city wasn’t filled with water for days makes a huge difference in how quick we have been able to welcome visitors again. 

While Ida did cause significant wind damage in New Orleans, many of our businesses had minimal or no effects and are now open. 

We are recovering and quickly. Why? Because this city is loved and treasured around the world. 

As we near the end of September, the weather in New Orleans is cooling down and Covid numbers are going down. 

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to come get your fill of gumbo, étouffée, and red beans and rice. To experience our breathtaking architecture, live music, and unique attractions. To show New Orleans the love.

Below are links to to our favorite places you can now enjoy with notes indicated those that are not yet open. Come be a part of our recovery!




Note:  You can feel safe dining in New Orleans. The law currently requires dinners present either proof of vaccination or a negative test.