July 30, 2013 | Upcoming Events

Dare we say that this is one of the best weekends to be in New Orleans? Sure, it’s hot outside, but there’s so much fun stuff going on right now.

For starters, Satchmo Summerfest starts thursday with the opening night reception at Hotel Monteleone and continues throughout the weekend.  For the most part it will follow the same structure as every year with musicians playing on outdoor stages, lectures, and a few special events that call for tickets and reservations. There are some new elements though, and they definitely benefit the concert-goers.

For the first time, seating will be provided as the bands play, which is a nice perk. We still recommend bringing your own chairs or blankets if you can though, since this is the first year seating is being offered and we don’t know how quickly provided seating will fill up. Concert attendees will also be able to catch one of the free pedicabs that will be transporting people to the festival stages and events. Just look for the Barracks Street pedicab stand.

Besides Satchmo Summerfest, Saturday night marks another great annual festival you don’t want to miss – White Linen Night.  “Festival” isn’t quite the right word to describe the event – it’s more like a block party.  For three hours, hundreds of art lovers and casual shoppers will dress in white linen and browse the art galleries of the Warehouse District. There will be food, drink and live music.  It’s a great time to sip on sangria and act like you live in the time of typewriters and no air conditioning.

If you really want a New Orleans gold star, go to both festivals. We’ll be around snapping photos and enjoying ourselves, too. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@ExpNewOrleans) and like us on Facebook for updates and pictures from the events!