May 23, 2013 | New Orleans

Just a short drive east, west or south from the hustle and bustle of the French Quarter are remote stretches of land and waterways that haven’t changed much since the first settlers founded New Orleans in 1718.

In these remote stretches, you can find serene wilderness, often untouched by man. Look closely and you’ll see wildlife including beautiful birds, wild mammals and of course alligators. Let’s be honest, that’s what everyone wants to see.

There are a number of different groups that will take you deep into these remote areas of Louisiana and guide you through the swamps, getting you up close and personal to wildlife. Along the way, you’ll hear the stories of the swamps; learn about their histories and mysteries. The best guides will tell you about the pirates that once visited these out of the way swamps and the big foot like creature that is rumored to inhabit the remotest territory.

Alligator and New Orleans Swamp Tours

Gray Line Swamp Tours

Gray Line offers a number of tours in and around New Orleans, including city sightseeing, visits to Louisiana plantations and out to the swamps of South Louisiana. They’ll bring you to the Baratania Preserve in the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and introduce you to the wildlife that inhabit the land and water there. Coupon Available!

Cajun Encounters Swamp Tours

Based out the Honey Island Swamp to the east of New Orleans, Cajun Encounters travels with small boats to bring you closer to the wildlife.  They promise an authentic, personal, hands-on, but safe tour of the swamp.

Cajun Pride Swamp Tours

Travel by tour boat or airboat through the Manchac Swamp, east of New Orleans. They offer you a unique journey through the moss draped trees and back to the early days of Louisiana. Coupon Available!

Honey Island Swamp Tours

Honey Island Swamp Tours offers you a personalized tour through the Honey Island Swamp, one of the least altered river swamps in the country and is almost 70,000 acres of protected wildlife area. Coupon Available!

Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours

Located less than half an hour from New Orleans is the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours outpost. They’ll take you on a swamp or airboat tour, whichever you like and show you a Cajun look at the South Louisiana swamps and what they hold. Coupon Available!

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