February 17, 2011 | New Orleans

Brass RootsNew Orleans is one of the pre-eminent cities for jazz music in the world. Local residents have the chance to sample a wide array of styles and influences throughout the city at historic venues any night of the week, leaving non-residents at a disadvantage. But locals and non-residents alike will be able to celebrate the history and culture of New Orleans Brass Band Music in the upcoming documentary Brass Roots.

Brass Roots compiles hundreds of hours of footage from interviews and concerts of New Orleans bands, artists, and experts like Rebirth, the Dirty Dozen, Treme, the Soul Rebels, Hot 8, Free Agents, To Be Continued, L'il Stooges, Glen David Andrews, Frenchy, Lolis Eric Elie, and more.

Says co-filmmaker Jonathan Bachman, "We aim to look at how brass band music serves as a cipher for passing down hundred-year-old traditions to younger generations, keeping the artistry, culture and character of New Orleans alive through music."

Brass Roots is currently still in the filming phase, but video clips and the new trailer are now available online.

Brass Roots Teaser Trailer from Come See About Me on Vimeo.

Experience New Orleans eagerly awaits the finished documentary.