March 2, 2009 | New Orleans

by Shawn Plep

Tourists and visitors who really want to see the beautiful city of New Orleans there need to be prepared to get around using both public and private transportation. While the public buses can be acceptable at times, they probably aren't the best option for most sightseers. When walking isn't practical and when no private car is available, here are a few other methods visitors should consider:

A Rental Car

There are many options for renting a car in new orleans for anyone who wants to have their own car while in town. All the major car rental agencies have vehicles at or near the airport, and there are also rental agencies in other parts of town. For many travelers, this is the most convenient option and offers the greatest degree of mobility.


If the hotel is near a streetcar line, this offers the most romantic (and enjoyable!) way of getting around New Orleans. A hop on the streetcar only runs $1.25, but there are passes available as well – making this a very affordable way to see the city and it's attractions. New Orleans streetcars are an attraction unto themselves, in fact – and every visitor should at least experience a ride on one.


Since there's so much to see within the French Quarter and Marigny, many visitors can occupy themselves for most of their visit within this one area of the city. Walking really is the most practical way of getting around this area, and also offers visitors the opportunity to stop and enjoy many of the small details of life in New Orleans.

The city of New Orleans really is a wonderful place to explore, no matter how you get around. These are just a few ways to enjoy what it has to offer.