December 20, 2007 | Upcoming Events

We all have the fever…the college bowl games fever, that is. It starts with the New Orleans Bowl on December 21, then the sweet Sugar Bowl on January 1 and then the BCS Bowl championship on January 7.

This is an epidemic fever affecting all of New Orleans people since the potent medicine is the financial impact for the city which continues the long rebuilding and recovery process.

The R & L Carriers New Orleans Bowl has Florida Atlantic vs. Memphis — the Sun Belt Conference matching up against the Conference USA. The kickoff is at 7 pm in the Louisiana Superdome on Friday night, the 21st of December.

How sweet it will be when the 74th Allstate Sugar Bowl on New Year's Day features the undefeated Hawaii Warriors vs Georgia Bulldogs. Game time in the dome is set for 7:30 pm.

Then here come the Tigers! The LSU Tigers will meet the Ohio Buckeyes for the Allstate BCS Bowl , better known as the National Championship, in the Superdome on January 7. Buckeyes Fans will need to endure Purple and Gold everywhere they go before, after and during this big event as New Orleans will be behind their Tigers!

If you have to start the year off with a fever, this is the best kind to have with an easy cure with the fun and excitement of college football!