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Esplanade Ridge

19th Century Creole Millionaire's Row

The large double-galleried houses and charming cottages that line Esplanade Avenue, which extends from the river out to City Park, are some of the most beautiful in New Orleans; but for many years, Esplanade Ridge was a uniquely undervalued area. Its great live oaks and sycamores shade a boulevard as wide and impressive as St. Charles Avenue, but its homes still remain within reach of those whose love of history is accompanied by a more modest budget. Here, you can find a mansion waiting for your tender loving care, or a private home that's been restored back to all its 19th-century charm. Esplanade Ridge is rapidly becoming one of the most desirable sections in town. If you can only dream of a white-columned residence on Prytania Street, such a home is waiting for you right now in Esplanade Ridge.

Built on naturally occurring high ground, these homes escaped the most severe flooding of Katrina, although there was some wind and roof damage. The residents of Esplanade Ridge, who fought so hard to bring their neighborhood back from urban decay, didn't let the hurricane stop them, and quickly returned to clean up their homes and make the area shine. Take a walk down Esplanade Avenue when the mockingbirds are singing in the trees, and you'll know you're in a very special place. Quiet, elegant, and filled with the beauty of the past, Esplanade Ridge speaks to those who value an earlier time of gracious living and elegant Creole charm.